Alley Kat Blues by Karen Kijewski


Alley Kat Blues (Kat Colorado Mysteries) MysteryAlley Kat BluesKaren Kijewski; Crimeline 1996WorldCat

Kat Colorado was driving with her teen aged friend Lindy when they came upon a car accident. The driver, a young woman, was dead on the road. Kat is approached by the girl’s mother, a devout Mormon, to investigate. The mother is certain that Courtney’s death was not an accident. She convinces Kat to look into the death.

Kat finds herself emotionally involved, so runs to Las Vegas to spend some time with her boyfriend, Hank. Unfortunately, things are no better there. Hank is tied up in a serial killer case. And when Kat reaches his place, she walks in to find a naked woman in Hank’s bed and her sexy underwear strewn across the room.

Before long, Kat is tied up in two investigations. Who would want to kill Courtney Dillard? She had left the Mormon church. Are there left over issues with someone that were dangerous to her? Or is there something in her new life that was threatening? What is happening with Hank and Amber in Las Vegas? Is he going to be able to stop the serial killer before another young girl’s body is found?

This is a good mystery by Karen Kijewski. It is well plotted, well devised, and is devious. I had my suspicions of Courtney’s murderer, but missed the vital clues to prove myself right. Alley Kat Blues keeps the reader pulled in throughout the book..

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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