All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz


RomanceSuspenseAll night long All Night LongJayne Ann Krentz; Berkley 2006WorldCatWhen she was 15, Irene came home one night to discover her parents dead on the kitchen floor. It seems her father killed her mother, then committed suicide. She can’t believe it; her parents were extremely happy. She believes there is more, but can’t prove anything. She leaves their small town of Dunsley with her aunt and doesn’t return.

The friend she was with that night, Pam, emails her 17 years later. Pamela has to see her in Dunsley again. She says it’s urgent and uses a code word they had developed between them. Irene comes from her small town and newspaper back to Dunsley to see what Pamela, the daughter of a senator, feels is so important. She hasn’t kept in contact with anyone from the town, so no one knows she is returning except Pamela. Irene checks in at a small vacation lodge and cabins run by Luke Danner. Luke is a man who owns this lodge yet doesn’t seem to want to have many guests. He is enigmatic but Irene, though puzzled about him, trusts him.

Pamela is supposed to contact her. Finally, several hours after the arranged time was missed, Irene drives out to her old friend’s home. Luke sees her drive out late at night. His ex-Marine instincts compel him to follow her. There they discover Pamela’s body. It appears the woman committed suicide combining pills and drugs. Since the senator is running for president, the local police chief agrees to keep the details quiet and doesn’t pursue the case. When Irene insists that Pamela couldn’t have committed suicide, he ignores her. Luke, though wary, wants to believe Irene.

The next night Irene returns to Pamela’s home. Luke catches her before she goes in alone and joins her. She goes to Pamela’s room, looking for a secret compartment she knows Pamela kept. Perhaps Pamela left something for her. But while they are leaving with the object Irene finds, someone else comes and sets the house on fire. They are able to get away, but unable to catch the arsonist. Once again, the chief of police has trouble with their story.

Luke now believes Irene’s story and agrees that there is something more going on. At first he was sure she was still in denial about her parents. Now he begins to understand her thinking. He wants to help her uncover the mystery. But Luke wants more than that. When he first saw Irene he was attracted. He’d certainly like to get to know her much, much better. Unfortunately, they could be killed before that can happen.

This is one of Jayne Ann Krentz’s solid romantic suspense novels. It doesn’t suck the reader in, but maintains a good level of intrigue throughout. The mystery seems obvious, but there are a couple twists the reader may not see coming. Irene’s character is well developed. Luke’s is less so, but enough to keep the reader happy. The final two or three chapters of All Night Long should appeal to any romantic.

All Night Long is a great beach or lazy afternoon novel. It’s not deep, but entertaining and keeps the reader involved and guessing.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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