After the Blue by Russell Like


Science Fiction

After the blue After the BlueRussel Like; Brunswick Galaxy Press 1998WorldCat This is a cute book. It pokes a lot of fun at current life.

This book takes place about 100 years in the future. (Shades of much of Earth’s history of “civilized” conquest.) The Gruumsbaggians had discovered and visited Earth. They carried with them a bacteria that caused a deadly disease to decimate the population of human beings on Earth.

A few people survived the epidemic. They built a new life in a town in New Jersey. This community was able to maintain electronics, but otherwise had gone back to many pre-technology days.

The Gruumsbaggians are upset over what happened on their first visit. They return to Earth 100 years later to put Earth back to rights. They are using old novels, commercials, and movies as their basis. They bring back McDonalds, strip malls, New York City, pavement, no hunting laws, pollution, divorce, and many other of the sillier or unpleasant aspects of current human lifestyles. The community in New Jersey is not thrilled with the changes. They want to stay with their lifestyle of living off the land. They don’t want to sit in traffic jams for three hours and go to jobs where they create paper clip chains all day.

I had quite a few chuckles during this book. It is light and amusing. It isn’t deep and doesn’t make you think. You just enjoy.

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