After Dark by Jayne Castle


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After dark After DarkJayne Castle; Jove Books 2000WorldCatLydia Smith is a para-archeologist who was burned last time she entered the catacombs. The ancient civilization on Harmony had set some nasty para-psychological traps and she ran into the full effect of one. Now she no longer works for the University. Instead she works for a small, two-bit museum and tries to establish herself as an established consultant instead.

She is meeting a potential customer, Emmett London, when they accidently find a dead body in the museum. Soon she and Emmett are involved in more than a regular para-archological job. They are working around the illegal side of the trade here on Harmony. She has problems with the ethics of the situation, but they are not actually doing anything illegal.

Emmet’s nephew has disappeared. Lydia helps find a missing artifact the nephew borrowed and the nephew. After someone tries to warn Lydia off with a destructive ghost, he knows there is something deeper going. They are going to have to pair their paranormal abilities. There are other attractions between them that want to pair up as well.

After Dark is a quick, fun read. Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) has my science fiction element (a planet that humans were able to travel to and colonize, then were cut off from Earth), a good mystery (a dead body in a museum and theft in the antiquities trade), and of course, romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope there will be more based on this planet. It’s tone is similar to Castle’s Amaryllis trilogy.

Notice: Non-graphic violence; Strong sexual content

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