Adios Oscar! A Butterfly Fable by Peter Elwell


ChildrenAdios Oscar!  A Butterfly Fable by Peter Elwell Adios, Oscar!
Peter Elwell; The Blue Sky Press 2009

Reviewed by Molly

Peter Elwell’s Adios Oscar!  A Butterfly Fable begins with the picture of a house in the upper level window is a flowerpot with a flower and on a leaf was a wee caterpillar.  He was Oscar. One day Oscar was excited to meet Bob a butterfly from Detroit who was on his way to Mexico.

Bob is a Monarch butterfly.  Oscar admired Bob’s wings and was delighted to learn that he too would have wings one day.  As Bob disappeared on a passing breeze he invited Oscar to look him up in Mexico if Oscar made the trip.

Oscar was a little discomfited when his caterpillar friends were not at all impressed with the news that Oscar planned to visit Mexico and find his friend Bob.  Edna the bookworm encouraged Oscar to just ignore the taunts.

Edna took Oscar into a library where Oscar saw many bookworms and lots of bugs.

In preparation for his jaunt to Mexico; Edna helped Oscar learn some Spanish, and how to read a map.  Oscar even learned that butterflies who look like Bob really do fly to Mexico when he found books about caterpillars.

Soon it was time for Oscar to take the long caterpillar nap he and Edna had read about, Edna taught him one last thing in Spanish, Buenas Noches, whispering good night in Spanish Oscar fell asleep with dreams of far away mountains and all the new friends he would meet on his journey from Cleveland, south to Mexico.

Oscar was very excited when he awoke to discover his wings were indeed on his back.  He found his friends too had wings and were happily flying around lightbulbs and eating a designer sweater.

What disappointment!  Oscar did have wings, but they were not beautiful Monarch wings, for the rest of his life he knew he would fly around light bulbs and munch on socks.  He would never see Mexico.

One night when Oscar went to visit his old flowerpot he found a note from Edna.  Oscar decided he should not let his dream just disappear because he didn’t look or think exactly as he thought he would.

Osage County First Grade has always delighted in tales well told.  As do most young learners they love science and stories with a science theme.

Adios Oscar presents a delightful fun filled tale of a spirited caterpillar who does not let limitations mean an end to his vision.  Oscar WAS overjoyed when he thought he would become a Monarch.  After emerging from his cocoon Oscar did first he think his dreams could never be.

With encouragement from his friend Edna a bookworm Oscar decides that while he is not a lovely butterfly he CAN put his education learning Spanish and reading maps to good use and fly south anyway.

Osage County First Grade enjoys this appealing saga regarding feeling self-awareness, self-worth and continuing to work toward achieving goals set by each one.  The narrative presents an essential understanding to children without becoming tedious or arcane.

Adios Oscar is a book often chosen by our child of the day for listening to story at the end of day, and is often taken by little readers as their choice for free time, DEAR, and take home reading time.

Little Learners enjoy the opportunity for adding to their Spanish language vocabulary, as presented in this child friendly work filled with delightful illustration, child pleasing colors and Science!

Osage County enjoys listening to and reading about caterpillars, and watching them as cocoons and watching the moth or butterfly emerge.

Happy to recommend Adios Oscar as a must have for gifting children Pre School to Primary Grades, for the school library, classroom bookshelf, and child’s own book box.

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