About Time by Jack Finney


Science Fiction

About Time About Time: 12 Short StoriesJack Finney; Touchstone 1998WorldCat

This is a collection of a dozen short stories focusing on time travel. Most of them were written in the 1950’s or 1960’s. This book was published in the mid 1980’s. A few of these are now standard fare for people who read many stories about traveling in time. Others are still original in their concepts. They are interesting even if dated in places.

There is the story of the man who discovers an odd coin and starts playing a mental game of “what if”… “What if I had stayed with the black haired woman I dated before I met my wife?” “What if I had finished this college degree rather than the one I did?” etc.

I enjoyed the story of the strange town that seems to have past happenings infringe on the present. I also liked and recommend the one of the man who restores a classic car and goes for a ride. These are fun. They often make you think, as well. What if…..?

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