A Sending of Dragons by Jane Yolen


FantasyA sending of dragons A Sending of DragonsJane Yolen; Harcourt Brace 1997WorldCatJakkin and Akki and their five dragons are hiding from the rest of civilization. Jakkin and Akki can now speak telepathically, or send to their dragons. The humans are living in caves on Austar IV while the dragons fly in and out.

Austar IV is a mineral poor planet that depends on its dragons for dragon fights in the pits, food, and many other staples of living. The humans on Austar treat the dragons as animals with little intelligence. Jakkin and Akki believe the dragons are much more.

A Sending of Dragons appears to be the third in a trilogy. It stands on its own, but obviously a lot of the history they mention in the build up that has been recounted somewhere else. Jane Yolen is a good writer, yet I could not get overly sympathetic with the characters.

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