A Murder in Macedon by Anna Apostolou


Historical Mystery

A Murder in Macedon A Murder in MacedonAnna Apostolou; St. Martin’s Paperbacks 1998WorldCatPhilip of Macedon is preparing a great feast in his honor. He has brought back his divorced wife, Olympias, and son, Alexander (later Alexander the Great) to attend the feast. Philip now controls all of Greece (except for Sparta, of course). This feast is to announce his eminence and practical godhood.

The court is filled with rumor and intrigue. Olympias worships the dark gods. One rumor is that Alexander is not really Philip’s son, but a son of one of the gods. Food tasters are needed for all the higher ranking individuals. Blood, swordfights, daggers, crucifixions, and dark politics are the order of the day. The only people who people who are not involved are the Jewish brother and sister, Miriam and Simeon. They were raised with Alexander after their mother died giving birth. Miriam is one of the few women Alexander trusts.

During the feast a murder is committed by a trusted adviser and friend. Miriam and Simeon are given the task of discovering the truth behind the assassination. While Simeon is busy with his duties, Miriam keeps discovering more machinations and plots that Philip was devising before the feast. What is the truth? Who was the person who motivated the assassin?

A Murder in Macedonia is full of intrigue. It was interesting seeing a true story of the time period fictionalized and given background. The savageness of the court is vivid under Apostolou’s handling. The debauchery and bloodshed were abundant during Philip’s reign. The twisting of the story keep the reader’s interest.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations.

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