A More Perfect Union by J.A. Jance



A More Perfect Union A More Perfect UnionJ. A. Jance; Avon 1988WorldCatMovie making is not glamorous. J.P. Beaumont is on temporary, special duty as the Seattle Police Department representative with a movie company filming in the Seattle. His job is to ensure the police are portrayed realistically. But the director doesn’t listen to him. Already Beaumont sees that no matter what he tries, the police are not going to look good when this movie is done. He just hangs around watching and talking with other background people.

While they are filming on Drydock, a body is found floating by the pier. When the police arrive and investigate, the body is that of a man who died when his boat exploded a few weeks earlier. Beaumont isn’t on the case because of his movie assignment. Still, he is curious about the man and does some checking on his own. Soon he is annoying the local construction union and his own co-workers. But when he gets locked in a basement wearing only his underwear, he knows something is going on that needs to be revealed.

A More Perfect Union shows Beaumont in his bulldog mode. It is a good mystery with clues spread out enough to tantalize. The non sequitors often aren’t by the time the book is done. This is an easy, quick read. Enjoy a few mysterious hours with A More Perfect Union.

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