A Literary Murder by Batya Gur


Cozy Mystery

Literary Murder Literary MurderBatya Gur; Harper Paperbacks 1994WorldCatThe Hebrew University in Jerusalem has two professors from the Literary Department die in one weekend. One, Shaul Tirosh, was a poet who had received an Isralei Presidential Poetry Award and was the head of the department. The other, Iddo Dudai, was one of the younger professors who dared to disagree with Tirosh publicly in a televised conference. Dudai died in a scuba accident. Tirosh was struck with a statue, fell backwards onto a radiator, and died of head injuries. Michael Ohayon, a Superintendent on the Israeli detective force, must discover who killed Tirosh, was Dudai’s death an accident, and if not, are the two deaths related?

The main suspects are other members of the Herbrew University Literary Department staff. There is Tuvia Shai, the professor who supports Tirosh no matter what. There is his wife, Ruchama, who has had a several year affair with Tirosh. There is Yael Eisenstein, a graduate student with a hidden past. Dudai could have killed Tirosh before he went scuba diving. Other professors in the department had also disagreed with Tirosh.

Ohayon finds himself back in an academic setting as he investigates the deaths. He once again gets to meet one of his favorite professors, Ariyeh Klein. Klein supposedly was out of the country when the other two died, but still seems to be hiding something. Ohayon has to once again get into the academic atmosphere to solve this murder.

A Literary Murder kept me wondering. The scuba accident fascinated me. I have friends who love to scuba and I am always interested in learning more about the sport although it does not appeal to me. The writing kept my attention and I had to know who, what, and how. This mystery is a bit slow, but doesn’t disappoint.

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