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A gift of dragons A Gift of DragonsAnne McCaffrey; Ballantine Books 2002WorldCat

Welcome back to the world of Pern, dragons, and their telepathic dragon riders. Anne McCaffrey has gathered together four stories or novelettes about Pern. One, “Ever the Twain” is new for this collection. Of the others, I had read “The Smallest Dragonboy” (many times) and “The Girl Who Heard Dragons”. The fourth, “Runner of Pern” has been released before but was new to me.

These four fall into her young adult stories, all about the younger generation of Pernians. All are enjoyable and engaging. The protagonists have real problems with bright future solutions, a Pern staple. McCaffrey keeps her light Pern voice that she uses more in her young adult works but is visible throughout her Pern stories and novels.

I bought this a few years ago and added it to Mt. Bookpile. It was perfect for my flight to a business meeting this week. It could easily be interrupted, especially since it was four stories, and easy to pick up and continue the thread of thought and feelings. This is an appealing book, especially for those people who already know Pern. If you haven’t read any Pern novels, these stories are a delightful introduction.

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