A Farewell to Yarns by Jill Churchill


Cozy Mystery

A Farewell to Yarns (Jane Jeffry Mystery Series #2) A Farewell to YarnsJill Churchill; Avon 1991WorldCat

Jane Jeffreys has an old friend visiting her. Phyllis Wagner and Jane had been friends when both were first married. Phyllis’ husband was in the computer field as it started expanding and is now extremely wealthy. Phyllis and he live on an island they own in the Caribbean. Over the years they have kept in casual touch with Christmas cards and occasional letters. Now she is coming to visit.

Unexpectedly, she has an older teenaged boy with her. The arrogant, sulking young man is her son, born before she had met Chet. She had adopted him away after her high school marriage didn’t work out. Chet learned about him and found him for her. Chet is now sorry. Phyllis is so unworldly she doesn’t see how churlish and ungrateful Bobby is.

Since she and Chet are arguing, Phyllis decides to move to Chicago with her son. She finds a house in Jane’s neighborhood and they move in immediately (much to Jane’s relief). Unfortunately, Bobby finds his mother stabbed to death the morning after they move in. Now Jane is involved in her friend’s death. Jane is also in charge of the church bazaar which takes place in the house next door to Phyllis’ new one. This gives her a chance to snoop as well as keep up her charity work.

This is a quick read, cozy mystery. Jane is a recent widow and busy mother and caretaker. It’s hard not to identify with her car pooling woes. This series is composed of light, humorous novels describing the life of a woman dealing with teens, a home, an overbearing mother-in-law, and the education of life after husband. The murders just “happen” around her, pulling her in.

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