A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow



A Cold Day for Murder (Kate Shugak Mystery) A Cold Day for MurderDana Stabenow; Berkley 1992WorldCat

When Jack Morgan brings an FBI agent to Kate Shugak’s cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, he’s not sure of his reception. Kate worked with him in the Alaskan District Attorney’s office until a brutal attack a year earlier. Now he wants to bring her out of her seclusion to look for two missing men. They are in the northern Park where her Aleut family reigns. Jack Figures if anyone can locate the men, Kate is the person.

Kate is reluctant, but the second man who disappeared was her friend. She had trained him to track in their Park and the specifics of working in their climate. Now she feels guilty that he followed the first missing man due to her tutilage. The first thing she does is returns to visit the man who raised her and her grandmother. They are the elders of the Aleut tribe that lives and is the government in the Park. Then she starts talking to people and following her leads. But the leads keep circling back to her cousins.

A Cold Day for Murder introduces us to Kate Shugak and the Aleut tribe in northern Alaska. It’s not only a cozy mystery but delves into the civilization and problems of the native Americans there. They live in and govern a national park that is mostly inaccessible. The mystery follows through well and sets up the series for further books. Kate is a complex character with more for us to learn.

Dana Stabenow is very familiar with the people and area, making A Cold Day for Murder realistic. Enjoy this book.

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