A Christmas Carol and Other Haunting Tales by Charles Dickens


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Do I need to give an introductory synopsis to this story? A Christmas Carol has been done over and over and over and… Whether it has been done as a movie, a stage play, or in a TV show (for example, I saw both “Quantum Leap” and “Highway to Heaven” do episodes based on it). The book has been read in many an English speaking school classroom. There is a reason for this. It’s an excellent story that can be retold and reread constantly.

If you never had the chance to read the novel, do so at least once in your lifetime. Do not rely on all the adaptations available. There is still magic in Dickens’ words. I had not remembered that Ebenezer started learning his lesson after the first ghost. Usually in adaptations it takes through the third ghost for him to realize the error of his ways.

As well as A Christmas Carol, which is a short novel, this edition also includes some of Dickens’ short stories. Ghosts or supernatural occurrences are in most of them. This includes another one of Dickens’ Christmas stories, The Haunted Man.

Now for the confession. I have not wanted to read Dickens since 7th grade when I read The Curiousity Shop for a book report. I wasn’t sure I would care for the stories included with A Christmas Carol (which I have always liked) because of my distaste for Little Nell’s story. The first of the other stories I read only reinforced my long held opinion. Finally, though, the man’s storytelling brilliance showed through. I found most of the short stories and stage readings well done and leaving me wanting more. I guess I’ll have to pick up one of his “masterpiece” novels next year. I may be glad I did.

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