A Catskill Eagle by Robert B. Parker


MysteryA Catskill Eagle by Robert B. Parker

A Catskill EagleRobert Parker; Dell 1986WorldCat“I have no time. Hawk is in jail in Mill River, California. You must get him out. I need help too. Hawk will explain. Things are awful, but I love you.   Susan”

Susan left Spenser a couple years ago, but he never quit loving her. She finished school, did a psychology internship in Washington, DC, then moved to California. She fell for another man, yet couldn’t put Spenser out of her life, either.

Now Spenser looks at this letter he has received from Susan. There is no question in his mind, even if Hawk were not also involved. Spenser would come whenever Susan called, and so would Hawk. Now Hawk was also in trouble because he had gone to help Susan.

Spenser flew out to California and quickly broke Hawk out of jail. Spenser learns from Hawk they are up against one of the most powerful and richest men in the world. It is his son who has Susan. Hawk has been framed for murder by this man at his son’s request. The FBI is also after that man for arms dealing. So the FBI make a deal with Spenser and Hawk. Spenser is only concerned with getting Susan free.

Like all the Spenser novels, this one is rough. It was an enthralling read. Spenser and Hawk make an inviolate team. They know how to read each other and react to each other. Susan is now a strong woman who is ready to handle what the men in her life want from her.

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