A Cat on Stage Left by Lydia Adamson


Cozy Mystery

A Cat on Stage Left (Alice Nestleton Mystery) A Cat on Stage LeftLydia Adamson; Signet 1999WorldCatAlice Nestleton is an often out of work actor. She supports herself by cat sitting when she is not acting. She also often finds herself sleuthing mysteries. She lives with her two cats, Pancho and Bushy.

Alice receives a phone call requesting her to cat sit in her own home. Normally she sits at the client’s home. As she starts to refuse, the woman promised to pay her $2,500 cash up front for four days sitting. Alice finds that hard to resist and accepts the job. Soon a Bentley pulls up in front of her apartment and the chauffeur lets a lady with a cat carrier out of the back seat. The chauffeur then shoots the lady in the head, gets in the car, and drives away.

To complicate matters, when Alice opens the carrier, the cat in it is a stuffed toy. The police wonder about Alice’s story, yet an amateur cameraman had videotaped it and sold the tape to the news media. They saw she was innocent, but were suspicious because she could not give any description of the man who had been in the back seat with the woman.

A Cat on Stage Left is a quick read. I enjoyed it, but was not overly impressed. I plan on reading more of these.

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