A Breach of Promise by Anne Perry


A Breach of Promise (William Monk Novels) Historical MysteryA Breach of PromiseAnne Perry; Ivy Books 1999WorldCatOliver Rathbone is approached by a young architect, Killian Melville, who is about to be sued for breach of promise on a marriage engagement. Melville swears that the question was never asked, but rather assumed by the bride and her mother. Again and again the brilliant architect claims to have no desire to ever marry. Rathbone knows there is a hidden secret, but cannot shake it out of the gentleman.

As the trial goes poorly for Melville, Rathbone approaches William Monk and asks him to investigate further. Was it something affecting the bride or the groom that prevented Melville from wanting to marry Miss Barton? They also approach Hester Latterly to get a woman’s perspective of the situation.

Latterly is working with a young officer who was one of four people to survive an uprising in India. He has lost an arm and has a horrendous disfiguring slash across his face. He is trying to deal with his demons. His wife has been sheltered all her life and does not understand. His brother wants to continue sheltering the family and put the memories of India in the past. Latterly can tell that Sheldon needs to face his memories in order to face his future.

This is another page turner. My poor sister will come home to about four or five messages on her answering machine tonight as I make my comments about the book to her. As I figured out clues (starting during the latter part of the trial) I called her and gave my opinion. When Monk was once again short and rude with Latterly, I left a message for her calling him names. When the book was done and the mystery finally solved, I sighed, “It’s about time!” I know when I’m talking out loud to the characters that I have gotten involved in that book. I believe there is only one currently remaining of the series that I haven’t read yet, and more will follow. I am anxiously awaiting more of Rathbone’s, Monk’s and Latterly’s adventures.

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