A Bird by Any Other Name by Brenda Boldin


SuspenseA Bird by Any Other Name by Brenda Boldin

A Bird By Any Other NameBrenda Boldin; Write Words, Inc. 2005WorldCat

 This review is by Molly.

They’re back! Lexi as Alex Masters is now known to most people, Detective Cole Armstrong, King Marshall and all make their appearance in another of the Bird books written by Brenda Boldin. Lexi’s brother Alexander works for Trent Industries. At the last minute he sends Lexi to the officecomplex after something he forgot. In no time itseems a woman is stabbed to death and Lexi is on therun. A missing computer disk, Trent Industries’security guard who is sure Lexi-Alex is the one who killed her, and a whole series of scary characters all figure in the mystery.

Lexi-Alex again is caught up in a crime she did not commit. Where Alex may be hiding is something Cole must learn before those who are responsible for the killing find her. During a humdinger storm King Marshall’s house slowly begins sliding into an enormous sink hole taking Lexi with it. Cole arrives in time to remove her from the house, but whether he can protect her from the ones who want to do her in, or from the police who are sure she is guilty may be another matter.

Within the pages of A Bird By Any Other Name, writer Boldin has again crafted another spine tingling thriller sure to enthrall the reader from the opening page. The reader is carried on a wild ride filled with twists, turns, danger, machination and plenty of energy in this action packed work. Boldin’s characters continue to be well developed, full of surprises, and as determined as ever. Dialogue is powerful, hard hitting and at times profane. Boldin’s settings are well wrought, writing is potent, red herrings abound.

A Bird By Any Other Name is an exciting fun romp perfect for a lazy summer day on the porch. Pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade, settle back in the rocker with your laptop or hand held eBook reader and prepare to enjoy another delightful offering from Brenda Boldin.

Notice: Strong indecent language

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