2nd Chance by James Patterson and Andrew Gross



2nd Chance 2nd ChanceJames Patterson; Vision 2003WorldCatAfter defeating the Bride and Groom Killer, Lindsay Boxer has been promoted to Lieutenant. She has returned to the job after a personal loss. One of the first things that happens after her return is a sniper shooting. A twelve-year-old black girl is killed when her church was sprayed with bullets. The original suggestion is that it was a hate shooting. But Lindsay isn’t certain. She feels there is something more.

After a black woman’s death in Oakland is connected to their death in San Francisco, Lindsay is more certain this is not a hate crime. There is a symbol left behind each time – a chimera- and that is the name they give the killer. The Chimera is an excellent shot – obviously had sharpshooter training.

Lindsay takes the information to discuss with her “girls”. Claire, the medical examiner, Jill, a prosecuting attorney, and Cindy, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. The Women’s Murder Club bounces ideas off each other, work things through, and make suggestions. Sometimes just talking through the problem help any one of them work their thoughts out. They help Lindsay with another problem as well.

Her father disappeared when she was 13-years-old. Now, 20 years later, he comes back into Lindsay’s life. She has a hate-love relationship.with him. She hasn’t forgiven him for abandoning her family. But she hasn’t forgotten the man she idolized as a child. Now Lindsay has to deal with her father and catch a sharpshooter serial killer.

What a ride 2nd Chance is! James Patterson and Andrew Gross pull the reader in, shout “put on a seat belt” and they’re off. 2nd Chance is well written with good characters. The women grow some more – Jill is pregnant, Cindy starts dating a new man, and Claire is almost killed as well as a man shooting at Lindsay from point blank range. There are a few problems with the writing as well. Twice Lindsay goes hunting the Chimera without a bullet proof vest. One of those times she has no back up or way to call anybody. She’s a lieutenant – gut feeling or not she knows better than that. Another annoyance is the language. Sometimes it feels like the cussing is added because the writer feels it should be there rather than that is how the character would react. Gratituitus…

The mystery itself twists itself around. The reader can see where it’s going – then it isn’t. Patterson and Gross pull the story a different direction that all fits together.

2nd Chance is a hard hitting thriller. It’s mystery is gritty, but the strong women keep it from getting too dark. It keeps the reader wound in until the last page.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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