1st to Die by James Patterson


Suspense1st to Die by James Patterson 1st to DieJames Patterson; Grand Central Publishing 2002WorldCatLindsay Boxer is a homicide inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. A newlywed couple are killed on their wedding night in their hotel room. The murder scene is gruesome. Lindsay is the detective who gets the case. After what she sees, she is determined to catch the killer. Lindsay’s closest friend is Claire Washburn, the chief medical examiner in San Francisco. Claire is able to help determine characteristics about the killer from the victims’ bodies. Cindy Thomas is a reporter on the Metro desk at the San Francisco Chronicle. She happens to be at the murder scene and is able to get upstairs to see it before anyone catches her. Lindsay sends her away.

Then another newlywed couple is killed in Napa. Lindsay and her new, unwelcome partner, Chris Raleigh, drive up to Napa. Chris works for the mayor’s office. Lindsay is attracted to him. Yet he is working for the mayor, not for the police. She is sure he will spin the story for the mayor. She isn’t sure she can trust him to be the partner she needs. Since he is her partner, they can not have a relationship due to department rules.

The couple is Napa was killed in a different manner. Even so, it is obvious the same person is at work. It appears there is a serial killer who targets newlyweds. A third couple is found murdered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Now San Francisco and Cleveland are competing to catch this guy.

Claire, Cindy, and Lindsay all discover how well they click. The soon form their own little club to solve the murder. They bounce ideas around as well as get together to eat and talk. Eventually they add Jill Bernhardt to their group. Jill is an assistant district attorney and wants to prosecute the man they identify as the murderer.

The problem is, Nicholas Jenks is a wealthy, famous author and philanthropist. He is well known in San Francisco. He’s even friends with the mayor. All the evidence leads to Jenks. But he claims he was framed. Was he?

The murderer is introduced early in the book. While thinking over the murders, the major thought is “What is the worse thing I can do?” Then the action is carried through, usually to the bride.

James Patterson’s 1st to Die clutches the reader’s throat immediately and doesn’t let go until the book is done. His protagonist who tells much of the story in first person, Lindsay Boxer, is involved in these grisly murders, has learned some life threatening news, and is fighting falling in love with a colleague. When the murderer appears in a chapter, the thoughts are chilling in the self congratulations of arrogance.

1st to Die is a book that earns Patterson the right to be called a master of suspense. This thriller is fast paced and hard hitting. The descriptions are not for the faint of heart – nor is the ending. Here is where the Women’s Murder Club is formed.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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