Book Reviews – Mirror Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold & Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen


Mirror Dance by Lois McMaster BujoldAs a clone, Mark Vorkosigan looks like his “brother” Miles. He pretends to be Miles’ alternate identity, Admiral Naismith, to take a troop of mercenaries to Jackson Whole, one of the most corrupt planets in the galaxy. It’s the only planet where cloning is allowed – and where he grew up until he was taken to become a weapon to kill Miles’ (and his) father. Fortunately, he has been released from that vendetta. Now he has to learn who he is. In the meantime, he has decided to release some of the clones. He knows they are only alive long enough to donate their bodies for rich peoples’ brain implants. So Mark boards one of Miles’ Dendarii fleet ships, calls in a troop, and takes off for Jackson Whole.

Things don’t go quite as well as Mark hopes. By the time he is on Jackson Whole, Miles and the rest of the Dendarii troop is right behind them. When Mark’s group comes under fire in the escape, Miles and more troops arrive to help them get out. In the escape, Miles is killed. They quickly prepare his body and put him in a cryochamber. Most of the Denarii troops get out of Jackson Whole with almost all of the clones Mark rescued. Miles’ cryochamber doesn’t, though. It disappeared in all the confusion.



Nature Girl by Carl HiaasenIt’s Florida. It’s satire. It’s Carl Hiassen. Prepare to be offended.

Honey Santana is tired of telemarketers calling her at dinner time. Boyd Shreve gets annoyed and calls her a skank. He gets fired. Honey doesn’t know this and decides to teach him a lesson. Her son Fry watches her warily. When Honey goes off her medicine she becomes a one woman Don Quixote, trying to fix the wrongs of the world. Honey starts acting casually suspicious. He begins to be concerned but knows he can’t tell his mother what to do. If she says she’s fine, he can’t say anything.

It’s Sammy Tigertail’s first day on his job as an airboat pilot near Dismal Key in Florida. A tourist from Wisconsin comes looking for a “real Indian” and wants a tour. While they are out in the swamp the man dies from a heart attack. Since they are on Seminole controlled land, his uncle advises Sammy to take the body off to state property instead. Sammy misunderstands and dumps the body in a swamp off the reservation, anchoring it down so it won’t be found. Then he takes off to hide away in the 10,000 islands in the Everglade swampy area.