Book Review: The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle

The Hot Zone by Jayne CastleAfter escaping from the hands of a mad scientist, Sedona Snow moves to Rainshadow Island. It’s remote and lightly populated – a place where she can recuperate from the experiments run on her. She can be on her own and away from ghost hunters and their Guilds.

But alien caverns have been found under Rainshadow. There are strange monsters appearing in the Preserve that may have come from Underground. A new Guild is founded on Rainshadow. Now the island is brimming with macho ghost hunters. The new Guild Boss is Cyrus Jones – a man of mystery with an unusual psychic talent.

Sedona knows she can’t trust everything a Guild Boss says. She’s had proof. But she believes and trusts what Cyrus tells her. When someone tries to attack her in her own home, Cyrus is the person who rescues her. He quickly becomes her protector. She is able to use her paranormal talent to help him with as well.

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