Book Review: Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Skin Game by Jim ButcherHarry Dresden: “My imagination needs therapy.”* — Jim Butcher, your imagination needs therapy… In the meantime, I’ll be thrillingly frightened by the things your imagination puts into Harry’s skewed life.

For the past year Harry Dresden has lived on Demonreach, a dark island in Lake Michigan. He is the Warden of an island that reaches down into an evil that can barely be contemplated. He has been beating himself up for all the things that have happened the past couple of years. His brother Thomas and his good friend Karrin have visited him occasionally, but no one else. He has a parasite in his head that feels like it is bursting to get out.

But Mab, the Queen of the Winter Faerie, summons him. As her Winter Knight, he is obliged to do her bidding. Mab wants him to work with his nemesis Nicodemus Archleone, the Knight of the Blackened Denarius.  Nicodemus plans to break into Hades’ realm to steal a unique artifact. Astounded, Harry explodes. Mab wants him to work with Nicodemus – the near-immortal who has tried to kill him before? And they’re going to steal something from one of the BIG Greek gods? No. Absolutely not. But Mab is his queen. And she tells him he only has three days before the thing in his head bursts out. If he does this, she can help him get rid of it without it killing him.