Book Review: Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick


Otherwise Engaged by Amanda QuickAmity Doncaster is a world traveler in an age where women never travel alone. She is returning to her ship on Caribbean island when a man calls out from an alley. He was mugged and is dying. He asks her to take an envelope back to his uncle in London. Amity promises, then helps Benedict Stanbridge back to the ship. Without any help, he would die. Amity is able to use the medical training her father taught her to stitch him up and nurse him back to help. By the time they reach New York City, he is healed and takes back the envelope. While she returns to London, he takes a cross country trip to California before he returns to London.

When Amity is back, she and her supposed relationship with Benedict are the focus of Society’s gossip. She returns to her sister’s home after one party and is kidnapped by the Bridegroom, a serial killer. He accuses her of being a filthy harlot who lured Benedict then abandoned him. She has a specially designed fan and is able to escape – the only woman who has gotten away from the Bridegroom.