Book Review: Evermore by Lynn Viehl

Evermore by Lynn ViehlIn Orlando, Florida, there is an attraction for visitors to experience “the real” medieval England. What they don’t know is how realistic and correct the entertainment is. Knight’s Realm is run by Darkyn who were living six hundred years earlier when they became Kyn. Aeden mac Byrne  is the suzerain of the realm and the region. Jayr is his seneschal, the only female Kyn in a high position. She was 17 when she saved Byrne’s life and he accidentally turned her into Kyn. Visitors often mistake her for a boy.

Jayr has been Byrne’s seneschal since he took on his suzerain position. She runs the Realm and keeps Byrne supplied with what he needs – organization, schedules, clothes, women, and blood – like any good personal assistant. Her secret is that she has been in love with him ever since they first met. But after he turned her he treated her with utmost respect. Now he is keeping a secret from her. Byrne is stepping down from his position. He wants to get away into isolation.

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