Book Review: Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

 Dead Ever After by Charlaine HarrisWhen a devil approaches a prominent businessman in New Orleans, Sookie Stackhouse is in trouble. The construction business owner had not fared well after Katrina. Copley Carmichael decided Sookie was the cause of his trouble with his daughter and now she must pay. At the same time, another unholy partnership is struck by two other men from Sookie’s recent past. They also decide she is the cause of their trouble, so return to Bon Temps, Louisiana, to “right their wrongs”.

Sookie’s personal life isn’t faring well. She can’t reach Eric, her vampire lover. When she finally does, he is cold and distant. Sookie realizes he must be accepting his new vampire marriage. Where does that leave her? Yet he also send another vampire to watch over her every night. Sam Merlotte, Sookie’s boss and close friend, has acted strangely every since she rescued him.

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