Book Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

Jake Eppin11/22/63 by Stephen Kingg is an English teacher at the high school in Lisbon Falls, Maine. It’s the end of the school year when he gets a phone call from the owner of his favorite local burger diner. Al Templeton tells Jake an impossible story. He has a portal in the back of his kitchen where he leaves 2011 and steps into 1958. He has Jake test it. Jake finds himself in Lisbon Falls 53 years earlier than it was a few minutes ago.

When Jake returns to the restaurant Al presents him with an amazing suggestion. Al is dying of lung cancer. He wants Jake to take his place – and save President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. Jake is floored. Al says the past can be changed. Jake wants to try it on one of his GED students. The man had been injured as a child. Jake wants to stop the person responsible for the injury. After a successful trial, Jake seriously considers Al’s dream.