Book Collectors Are Their Own Breed


Thanks, Karmon, for pointing me to this article in the Wall Street Journal.

The Book Collection That Devoured My Life

My collection isn’t as extensive as his. I have my share of stories, though. One of the best was when we were packing the moving truck for my move to California. I don’t remember how many boxes were marked “Books – read”. My family started laughing at me when the guys loaded up the 5th or 6th box marked “Books – unread”. I keep adding book shelves. My books keep overflowing the shelves. That’s happening again now.

I am impressed that Luc Sante can admit that “No, I haven’t read all of them, nor do I intend to”. I try to make myself believe that I will read them all one day. That moving truck was packed 7 years ago – I still haven’t read all the books in the “Books – unread” boxes, although I’ve read part of them. And I’ve added to them. I now lovingly refer to them as Mt. Bookpile.

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  1. Comment by Lazygal:

    When I moved last year, one of my helpers thought the moving people were taking the boxes of books to the basement, out the door and around the front and back in again!