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Jar City by Arnaldur IndridasonToday James added a comment to one of my earlier blogs. He has read some of the mystery books by the Icelandic author Arnaldur Indriđason and found my reviews. James comments:

Re: the Erlandur mysteries: Have you noticed that Marion Bream is never referred to as he or she?!

He’s right. I don’t remember noticing that when I read Jar City, but I did when reading Silence of the Grave. Who is this shadowy character and friend of Inspector Erlendur? We get used to having relationships explained to us in books except when they are purposefully withheld for some reason until the end. Usually we then find out because it is part of the plot. But occasionally we get these characters that stay in the background, anonymous.

So who is Marion Bream? How does this character affect Erlandur?


  1. Comment by Suzan:

    Check out this site for Video Book Reviews

  2. Comment by Anonymous:

    Also check out the last couple lines of chapter 25 of The Draining Lake re: Marion Bream. James