Best Loved Author in the U.K. – Enid Blyton


Enid who?? Blyton. An incredibly prolific writer of children’s books in England. Just “voted” the Most Cherished Author. (þ: Literary Saloon)

From LazyGal


I loved Enid Blyton’s books when I was a kid. I read every one our small library had numerous times. I believe they were my introduction to mystery novels.

The Costa Book Awards are sponsored by Costa Coffee in the U.K. The top ten best loved authors are:

Enid Blyton
Raold Dahl
J.K. Rowling
Jane Austen
William Shakespeare
Charles Dickens
J.R.R. Tolkien
Agatha Christie
Stephen King
Beatrix Potter

Check out their site for the rest of the top 50 list.


  1. Comment by Lazygal:

    Jandy, she’s actually one of my childhood faves, too (I have all the Naughtiest Girl series, ditto Mallory Towers and St. Clares, and many of the Fantastic Five, some Five-Find-Outers and Books 1-3 of the Nature Books). No Noddy, though.

  2. Comment by Andrew Clarke:

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  3. Comment by Who Else? Me:

    Yes! Stephen King made the list.