Authors U – V


Lisa Unger
Beautiful Lies

John Updike
“Playing with Dynamite” The Best American Short Stories 1993
Content Licensing by Michael UpshallRabbit, Run

Arthur W. Upfield
Inspector “Bony” Bonaparte
Wings Above the Dimantina

Michael Upshall
Content Licensing

Anne Ursu (homepage)
Spilling Clarence

M.R. Ussery
Public Schools are Archaic


Chris Van Allsburg
The Polar Express

Charles Van Doren
How to Read a Book

Greg van Eekhout (homepage)
“Will You Be an Astronaut?” New Skies

Daniel Blackland
California Bones
Pacific Fire
Dragon Coast

Antoinette van Heugten
Saving Max

A.E. Van Vogt
“The Great Judge” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales
The Voyage of the Space Beagle

Jack Vance
“Mazirian the Magician” A Magic Lover’s Treasury of the Fantastic
“Abercrombie Station” The Science Fiction Weight Loss Book

Barbara Vane (aka Ruth Rendell)
The Blood Doctor

Karen Vanderlaan
Show and Tell

John Varley (homepage)
The Golden Globe
“Press Enter” Future on Ice
Millennium by John VarleyMillennium
Steel Beach

Carrie Vaughn
“Raisa Stepanova” in Dangerous Women

Jules Verne
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Around the World in Eighty Days
“In the Year 2889” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction
Journey to the Center of the Earth

Tarjei Vesaas
The Ice Palace

Lynn Viehl/S.L.Viehl (real name Sheila Kelly) (blog)
StarDoc series
Beyond Varallan
Eternity Row
Rebel Ice
Plague of Memory
Omega Games
Crystal Healer
A Dream Called Time

If Angels Burn by Lynn ViehlDarkyn Series
If Angels Burn
Private Demon
Dark Need
Night Lost
Twilight Fall
Master of Shadows
Stay the Night

Disenchanted & Co. series
Disenchanted & Co.
The Clockwork Wolf

Bev Vincent
“Rule Number One ” The Blue Religion

Joan D. Vinge
“The Storm King” Dragons The Greatest Stories

Vernor Vinge
Marooned in Real Time
Rainbows End

Vincent Virga

Noel Virtue
Always the Islands of Memory

Anna Maria Volpi
The Timeless Art of Italian Cuisine


Kurt Vonnegut (homepage)
“The Big Trip Up Yonder” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction
Breakfast of Champions
Cat’s Cradle
Slaughterhouse Five

Georgia Varozza, Mindy Starns Clark, and Laurie Snow Hein
Simple Joys of the Amish Life