Authors Li – Lz

Yiyun Li
Gold Boy, Emerald Girl by Yiyun LiGold Boy, Emerald Girl

Russel Like
After the Blue

Brad Linaweaver
“Moon of Ice” The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century

Abraham Lincoln
“The Trailor Murder Mystery” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Gift From the Sea

Megan Lindholm
“Neighbors” in Dangerous Women

Johanna Lindsey
All I Need Is You

Gillian Linscott
“The Ballad of Gentleman Jem” Crimes Through Time II

David L. Lindsey
In the Lake of the Moon

Jane Lindskold (homepage)
When the Gods Are Silent

Marion Lineaweaver
“A Shroud with a Silver Lining” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

Melissa Lion

Laura Lippman
The Sugar House

James Lipton
An Exaltation of Larks

Cixin Liu
The Three-Body Problem (translated by Ken Liu)

Morgan Llywelyn
Finn Mac Cool

Arnold Lobel
Oscar Otter
Small Pig

Suzanna Lonchar
A Brooklyn Rose

Jack Woodville London
Engaged in War

Jack London
The Call of the Wild
“The Leopard Man’s Story ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

E. B. Long and Barbara Long
The Civil War Day by Day: An Almanac, 1861-1865 Books

Frank Belknap Long
Lest Earth Be Conquered

The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen LordKaren Lord
The Best of All Possible Worlds

Pittacus Lore
Lorien Garde
I Am Number Four

Jean Lorrah (homepage)
Blood Will Tell
The Vulcan Academy Murders

Charlie Lovett
The Bookman’s Tale