Authors K

Richard Kadrey (homepage)
Sandman Slim

Franz Kafka
The Castle
The Trial

Janet Kagan (homepage)
“The Nutcracker Coup”  The New Hugo Winners Vol. 4
Uhura’s Song

James Kahn
World Enough, and Time

Michio Kaku (homepage)
Physics of the Impossible

Imre Kalanyos (Author’s Den Site)
From the Rill to the Ocean

Stuart Kaminsky
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road
Dancing in the Dark

Blossom Kan and Michelle Yu
China Dolls

Joseph Kandel
Wanna Know Why You’re Still Single?

Jan Karon (homepage)
Mitford S

At Home in Mitford
A Light in the Window


Emma Kaufmann

Sue Kaufman
“Summer Librarian” In the Stacks

Guy Gavriel Kay (homepage)
The Summer Tree
The Wandering Fire
The Darkest Road

Susan Kay

Susan Kearney (homepage)
Lucan by Susan KearneyPendragon Series

Faye Kellerman
“Discards ” A Woman’s Eye
Naked Came the Phoenix – Chap 7

Jonathan Kellerman (homepage)
When the Bough Breaks
Blood Test

Colleen Kelli
Fire in the Hole

Daniel S. Kellogg
A View from Beyond the Path

Harry Kemelman
Rabbi David Small series
Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home
Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red

Katrina Kenison, Editor
The Best American Short Stories 1993

Kathryne Kennedy
Enchanting the Lady

Sherilynn Kenyon
“Hell Hath No Fury” in Dangerous Women

Piper Kerman
Orange Is the New Black

Jack Kerouac
On the Road

Katherine Kerr (homepage)

Philip Kerr (homepage)
Dark Matter

John Kessel
“The Pure Product” Future on Ice

Franz L. Kessler
Jamaica Blood

Mitchell D. Kessler
May It Please the Court

Daniel Keyes
Flowers for Algernon

Sue Monk Kidd (homepage)
The Mermaid Chair
The Secret Life of Bees

Karen Kijewski
Kat Colorado Series
Kat’s Cradle
Copy Kat
Wild Kat
Alley Kat Blues
Honky Tonk Kat
Kat Scratch Fever
Stray Kat Waltz

Linda Hoffman Kimball
Apple Pie and Promises: Motherhood in the Real Worlds

Glynnis Kincaid
The Dragon’s Horn

Cassandra King (homepage)
Queen of Broken Hearts

A Darker Place by Laurie R. KingJohn King
It’s a Guy Thing

Laurie R. King (homepage)
A Darker Place
“The Fool” The Blue Religion
Naked Came the Phoenix – Chap 13

Mary Russell Series
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice
A Monstrous Regiment of Women
The Moor
Justice Hall
The Game
Locked Rooms
The Language of Bees

Grey and Stuyvesant
The Bones of Paris

Kate Martinelli
Night Work

Stephen King (homepage)
The Colorado Kid
The Dead Zone
The Eyes of the Dragon
The Green Mile
Lisey’s Story
Night Shift
“Quitter’s Inc.” The Science Fiction Weight Loss Book
Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
The Stand
Under the Dome

Dark Tower Series (Dark Tower Site)
The Gunslinger
The Drawing of the Three
The Waste Lands
Wizard and Glass
Wolves of the Calla
Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower

Barbara Kingsolver
The Poisonwood Bible

Gay Toltl Kinman
“Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid” Murder on Sunset Boulevard

Sophie Kinsella (homepage)
Confessions of a Shopaholic
I’ve Got Your Number
Remember Me?
Twenties Girl
The Undomestic Goddess

Rudyard Kipling
“The Cat That Walked by Himself” Great Cat Tales

Kathleen Kirkwood
A Slip in Time

Katrina Kittle
The Kindness of Strangers

Andrew Klavan
“The Killer Christian” Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop

Daniel Klein and Thomas Cathcart
Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar

Carol Kline
Chicken Soup for the Cat & Dog Lover’s Soul

Jim Knapp
“Waiting” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

Women Who Love Books Too Much by Brenda KnightBrenda Knight
Women Who Love Books Too Much

Damon Knight
“Not with a Bang” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

John Knowles
A Separate Peace

Dankwart Koehler
In Different Worlds

Lisa Koger
“The Retirement Party” In the Stacks

Sharon Lewis Koho
The Painting on the Pond

J.A. Konrath
Fuzzy Navel

Lightning by Dean R. KoontzDean Koontz (homepage)
The Face
The Good Guy
The Husband
Life Expectancy
Twilight Eyes
Winter Moon

Fear Nothing
Seize the Night

Odd Thomas
Odd Thomas
Forever Odd
Brother Odd
Odd Hours
Odd Apocalypse
Deeply Odd
Saint Odd

Dean Koontz and Phil Parks

C.M. Kornbluth
“The Altar at Midnight” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

Ed Kostro
Cemetery Island
Curious Creatures – Wondrous Waifs my life with animals
Gold River Canyon
Mystery of Madera Canyon
Through Katrina’s Eyes

Diana Kouba
“Closing Time” Murder on Sunset Boulevard

Jean-Claude Koven
Going Deeper: How To Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense

Mary Robinette Kowal
“Water to Wine” Metatropolis: Cascadia

Jon Krakauer
Into Thin Air

Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin (homepage)
The Nanny Diaries

Jayne Ann Krentz (homepage) aka Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle
Absolutely, Positively
All Night Long
Body Guard
Call It Destiny
Carried Away
Chance of a Lifetime
“Connecting Rooms” Everlasting Love
A Coral Kiss
Corporate Affair
Crystal Flame
Dangerous Affair (Dangerous Magic and Affair of Honor bundled)
Dangerous Games
Deep Waters
Devil to Pay
Eye of the Beholder

Fabulous Beast
Falling Awake by Jayne Ann KrentzFalling Awake
Family Man
The Family Way
Full Bloom
Ghost of a Chance
Gift of Fire
Gift of Gold
The Golden Chance
Grand Passion
Hidden Talents
Lady’s Choice
Light in Shadow
Lost and Found
Lover in Pursuit
The Main Attraction
Man With a Past
Midnight Jewels
Night of the Magician
A Passionate Business
Perfect Partners
The Pirate, The Adventurer, and The Cowboy (bundled)
The Price of Surrender
The Private Eye
Raven’s Prey
Reckless Passion
Renaissance Man
River Road
Secret Sisters
Serpent in Paradise

Shared Dream
Sharp Edges
Shield’s Lady
Silver Linings
The Silver Snare
Smoke in Mirrors
Soft Focus
Stormy Challenge
Sweet Fortune
Sweet Starfire
Test of Time
The Ties That Bind
To Tame the Hunter
Too Wild to Wed?
Trading Secrets
True Colors
Trust Me
Trust No One
Truth or Dare
Twist of Fate
Uneasy Alliance
Velvet Touch
The Waiting Game
The Wedding Night

Whirlwind Courtship
Wildest Hearts
A Woman’s Touch

Eclipse Bay Series
Eclipse Bay
Dawn in Eclipse Bay
Summer in Eclipse Bay

Arcane Society Series
Second Sight (as Amanda Quick)
White Lies
Sizzle and Burn
Silver Master (as Jayne Castle)
The Third Circle (as Amanda Quick)
Running Hot
Dark Light (as Jayne Castle)
The Perfect Poison (as Amanda Quick)
Fired Up by Jayne Ann KrentzObsidian Prey (as Jayne Castle)
Fired Up
Burning Lamp (as Amanda Quick)
Midnight Crystal (as Jayne Castle)
In Too Deep
Quicksilver (as Amanda Quick)
Canyons of Night (as Jayne Castle)
Copper Beach
Crystal Gardens (as Amanda Quick)
The Lost Night (as Jayne Castle)
Dream Eyes
The Mystery Woman (as Amanda Quick)
Deception Cove (as Jayne Castle)
The Hot Zone (as Jayne Castle)

Nancy Kress (homepage)
“Out of All Them Bright Stars” Future on Ice and in New Skies
Probability Moon
“A Scientific Education” Crimes Through Time II
“Second Arabesque, Very Slowly” in Dangerous Women
“Sleeping Dogs” Far Horizons

The Sleepless Series
“Beggars in Spain” (novella) The New Hugo Winners Vol. 4
Beggars in Spain (novel)
Beggars and Choosers
Beggars Ride

Rochelle Krich, ed.
Murder on Sunset Boulevard

Susan Krinard
“Kinsman” Out of This World

Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Annie Was Warned
Giddy Up Cowgirl
My Buddy, Slug

Mary Kruger
Death on the Cliff Walk

Michael P. Kube-McDowell
Isaac Asimov’s Robot City Book 1: Odyssey

The Loud Adios by Ken KuhlkenKen Kuhlken (homepage)
Tom Hickey series (in chronological order)
The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles
The Venus Deal
The Loud Adios
The Angel Gang
The Do-Re-Mi

Sanjaya Kumar, MD & David B. Nash, MD
Demand Better! Revive Our Broken Healthcare System

Mort Kunstler
Civil War The South

Katherine Kurtz
“The Summoning” A Magic Lover’s Treasury of the Fantastic

Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.
“Cut Glass ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories
“Death Racket ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories