Authors Gn – Gz

Tom Godwin
“The Nothing Equation” in The Golden Age of Science Fiction

Glen David Gold (blog)
Carter Beats the Devil

Carter Beats the Devid by Glen David GoldMarv Gold
Story Teller

Arthur Golden
Memoirs of a Geisha

Olivia Goldsmith
The First Wives Club

Lisa Goldstein
“Tourists” Future on Ice

Amanda L. Goodman
The Comparative Guide to WordPress in Libraries

Carol Goodman (homepage)
The Ghost Orchid
The Lake of Dead Languages
The Night Villa

Barbara Goodwin
No Future Christmas

Robert Goodwin
Landslide, Slumps and Creeps

Dan Gordon
“Anchor the Stiff!” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories
“A Friend of Davy Jones'” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

Mary Gordon
“The Important Houses” The Best American Short Stories 1993

Connie Gotsch
A Mouth Full of Shell

Ron Goulart
“Murder for Dummies” Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop

Steven Gould
“Peaches for Mad Molly” New Skies

Chris Grabenstein
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Sue Grafton (homepage)
Kinsey Millhone series
A is for Alibi
B is for Burgler
C is for Corpse
D is for Deadbeat
E is for Evidence
F is for Fugitive
G is for Gumshoe
H is for Homicide
“Full Circle ” A Woman’s Eye
I is for Innocent
J is for Judgement
K is for Killer
L is for Lawless
M is for Malice
N is for Noose
O is for Outlaw
P is for Peril
Q is for Quarry
R is for RicochetU Is for Undertow by Sue Grafton
S is for Silence
T is for Trespass
U is for Undertow
V is for Vengeance
W is for Waste

Kenneth Grahame
The Wind In the Willows

Donna Grant and Virginia DeBerry (homepage)
Far From the Tree

John Grant
“The Hard Stuff” Best New Paranormal Romance

Mira Grant

Jane Graves (homepage)
Black Ties and Lullabies
Heartstrings and Diamond Rings
Tall Tales and Wedding Veils
Wild at Heart

Samantha Graves (homepage)
Out of Time

Michael Loyd Gray (homepage)
Confederate Nation

Don Greco
Abramo’s Gift

John Green
Paper Towns

Simon R. Green (homepage)
Nightside series
Something From the Nightside
Agents of Light and Darkness
Nightingale’s Lament
Hex and the City
Paths Not Taken
“The Difference a Day Makes ” in Mean Streets

Joanne Greenberg
“Gloss on a Decision of the Council of Nicaea” In the Stacks
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Martin H. Greenberg (editor)
100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories
The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century
Dragons The Greatest Stories
The Science Fiction Weight Loss Book

J.C. Greenburg
Under Water Andrew Lost #5

Andrew Sean Greer (homepage)
The Confessions of Max Tivoli
The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells
The Path of Minor Planets

Jill Gregory
“Catch a Falling Star” Once Upon a Star

Edward Grendon
“The Figure” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

The Bottle Ghosts by Dorien GreyDorien Grey (homepage)
Dick Hardesty series
The Bottle Ghosts
The Role Players
The Paper Mirror

Elliot Smith
Aaron’s Wait
Caesar’s Fall

Martha Grimes (homepage)
The Five Bells and Bladebone

Roberta Grimes
The Fun of Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next!

Ken Grimwood

David Grinnell
“The Rag Thing” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

John Grisham
The Testament

Lauren Groff
The Monsters of Templeton

John Grogan
Marley & Me

Andrew Gross and James Patterson
Women’s Murder Club
2nd Chance
3rd Degree

Marion Gross
“The Good Provider” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

Austin Grossman (homepage)
Soon I Will Be Invincible

Lev Grossman
“The Girls in the Mirror” in Dangerous Women

The Magicians
The Magician King

Sara Gruen (homepage)
Water for Elephants

Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati
The Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Dinner’s Done!

Sophie Gunn
How Sweet It Is

Batya Gur
Literary Murder A Critical Case

Paula Guran, ed.
Best New Paranormal Romance
Best New Romantic Fantasy 2Listen by Rene Gutteridge

Rene Gutteridge

Paula Guyot
“What a Wonderful World ” The Blue Religion