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Dark Dynasties
Dark Awakening
Midnight Reckoning

Shadow Rising
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Cecil Castellucci (blog)
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Willa Cather
My Antonia
O! Pioneers
The Troll Garden

David Catrow, illustrator and Karen Beaumont
I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More! by Karen BeaumontDavid Catrow, illustrator and Margery Cuyler
That’s Good! That’s Bad!

James Causey
“Teething Ring” 50 Short Science Fiction Tales

Hugh B. Cave
“The Course of Justice ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories
“Naked in Darkness ” 100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories

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Kitchens and Gadgets  1920 to 1950

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Farewell My Lovely

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Gabrielle Charbonnet and James Patterson
Sundays at Tiffany’s
Witch and Wizard

John Cheever
“The Trouble of Marcie Flint” In the Stacks

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Dance With Your Heart Tales and Poems That the Heart Tells

C.J. Cherryh
The Foreigner
“Pots” Future on Ice
“Willow” A Magic Lover’s Treasury of the Fantastic

Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme
My Life in France

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Jack Reacher series
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Special Agent Pendergast series
The Cabinet of Curiosities
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Blue Labyrinth
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Music Theory, Theory Series Vol 1

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And Then There Were None aka The Ten Little Indians
Easy to Kill aka Murder is Easy
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“Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus” – A Christmas Treasury

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