Anarchy Reigns


All of us had to read assigned books in high school and probably college as well. One of those books often given out is Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I always felt fortunate that I never had that book assigned to me. It is one I don’t want to read.

But I just read the story anyway, although it’s a technological, science fiction update with (I believe) more character involvement. Stephen King‘s Under the Dome is another version of the anarchy that can take over when people are cut off and on their own.

Despite it’s length Under the Dome is a well written book and worth reading – if you can take the chills and creeps that are King’s trademarks. It doesn’t descend into horror, but still leaves its mark.

And you know, now more than ever, I don’t want to read Lord of the Flies.


  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I wasn’t so fortunate; I had to read it when I was a sophomore in h.s. One thing that made it even more chilling is that the boys in my class all seemed to enjoy it a little more than I think they should have! On some levels and excellent story, still it isn’t one I’ve felt the need to re-read any time soon.

  2. Comment by Marsha:

    I had to read Lord of the Flies in college. yuck! ah well, the joys of education