999 Challenge – January Report


Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenIn January I read 6 books in the “999” challenge. I finished #7 today. I still haven’t read any book published before 1900, although we’re reading Pride and Prejudice for my book club this month and I have Anna Karenina waiting on my audio book list. I haven’t read any books by an author whose last name starts with “Y” – in fact I only have 2 on Mt. Bookpile, and one of those I bought a couple weeks ago for this challenge. I also haven’t read any stand-alone mysteries (not part of a series). I checked Mt. Bookpile. I only have two or three. Most of the mysteries waiting for me are part of a series. Wow. I hadn’t realized that.

In fact, as large as Mt. Bookpile is, there are a lot of holes for my chosen challenge groups. I am close on time travel books – I had 5 or so, plus picked up two more today that I had wanted to read that I found on sale. I have a couple of those I wouldn’t mind re-reading, either (especially The Time Traveler’s Wife or The Doomsday Book). I’m also OK on books with place names in their titles – I have plenty of those. Books for 2009 will go on and off Mt. Bookpile in a hurry. I’m reading Kill for Me by Karen Rose now.

Kill for Me by Karen RoseBut not only don’t I have many stand alone mysteries or authors starting with “Y”, I’m finding very few books with the word “Heart” in the title. I would have thought I had plenty romance novels with that in the title, but so far I’ve only found the one I finished today. Hmmmm. I also don’t have many books on Mt. Bookpile published before 1900. I guess I usually borrow those from the library. I haven’t checked for translated books yet, but I’d guess there aren’t many. I also haven’t checked for facial feature books, yet. I know I have one by Stephen King with “eyes” in the title.

This just means I won’t be able to deplete Mt. Bookpile as much as I’d like, but I will get some books taken off.

Speaking of reading challenges, I’ve added another one for myself for a vacation I’m planning in April. Can anyone suggest some decent novels set in Brussels, Belgium, Heidelburg, Germany, or the Black Forest, or in Lucerne, Switzerland? I think I’d like one set in the Alps, too (but not Heidi). Thanks.

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    “Heartsick” and “Sweetheart” by Chelsea Cain. “Heart Shaped Box” by Joe Hill. “Twilight Eyes” “Fron the Corner of His Eye” “The Eye of Darkness” by Dean Koontz