999 Challenge


March has finished. Now I’ve read 21 books from the 999 challenge.That means I’m staying consistent. You’ll notice there’s a conspicuous absence under stand alone mysteries. I have some on hand to read, and have started listening to Silks by Dick Francis. Perhaps I’ll put a Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child novel in my suitcase. Admittedly, I’ve been concentrating more on the Europe challenge so hadn’t looked for many stand alone mysteries. The Ludlum novel I referred to in my previous post would have worked if I had finished it.

There is one book I added to the Europe challenge that also fits in the 999 challenge. Among the Mad was published this year. I know that reading more new books published this year will be easy, so I only put it in one list.

The books I read this month took me from Paris to Seattle to Austria (one fiction and one non-fiction) to Mississippi to Colorado to a fantasy world. Isn’t it great how we can travel anywhere when we read?