999 Challenge


After last month I had some catching up to do on this challenge of 9 books in 9 catagories in 2009. Almost every book I picked up this month met one of the criteria for this challenge. Some met two, but I only added them once. Admittedly, if I am close in December, one or two of them may be used twice. I thought I’d allow myself 3 books to be used in two categories, but haven’t done so yet.

As planned, I caught up this month and am back on target. I read 11 books for this challenge. Of course, the challenge should mean more than just the reading. We’re supposed to take something away from them. I read some books this past month that reached below the surface story.

As I’ve already mentioned in this blog, together The Bondwoman’s Narrative and the Narrative of Frederick Douglass make a powerful combination. Before I read these I had not heard a whip described as “cowskin” which appears to have been the common slave description of that whip. I poked around on the web and finally this picture and history of this type of whip. This quote is from that site: “…Its form gives it some degree of elasticity towards the handle; and when used with severity . . .it tears the flesh, and brings blood at every stroke.” After reading these books, looking at that picture and thinking about it made me shudder, glad I don’t have a real visual of the sight.

I was also caught up in Banana Yoshimoto‘s novella, Kitchen. The story was about death and love and connections and loneliness. It has a light touch and tone with good insights towards our relationships with others who are important to us.

May was a good month for the 999 Challenge. I caught up and had some interesting reading as well as pleasure reading.