999 Challenge


Most of my time in July feels like it was spent on updating my web site – and I have a while to go before I’m done. Even so, I was able to add seven books to the 999 challenge. That’s the number I strive for each month, so that works.

The Blue Angel by Heinrich MannOne thing that this challenge is good for is having me find books that others discovered years ago. This month I read a 100 year old classic recommended by a friend in Germany – The Blue Angel by Heinrich Mann. Without 1) me looking for a translated book and 2) his referral, I wouldn’t have picked this up. It’s an interesting study of a man’s downfall because he’s trying – and manages – to pull others down. Of course it’s because of his love for a woman who is grasping and needy and “looking for the main chance” to use an old fashioned phrase. She is looking out for herself. He’s so besotted that he turns the misogyny that he contained in his classroom for years against his whole community. He uses her to justify pulling up old grudges and being gleeful when he ruins another old “enemy”. The movie version of this book is the one that pushed Marlene Dietrich into stardom.