999 Challenge


October was a slow reading month again. At least my web site is finished. I also was able to add six books to my challenge. Actually there are two more, but I combined some.

For example, as I mentioned in a previous post I put both of Jane Yolen’s children’s books about disobedient dinosaurs together. Also, Magnol’s Jean de Florette and Manon of the Springs are grouped together because they are one whole story.

I had received an ARC of David Morell’s newest novel, The Shimmer. It’s an excellent mystery/fantasy. What are those shimmering lights there in southwestern Texas? Check it out.

My book club read Where the Heart Is, adding another one for my list. I had seen the movie, and really enjoyed the book. I finally read Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Then there was the fun, trashy, romance by Sandra Hill using time travel, Rough and Ready.

Will I finish? It’ll be close. I am reading Jack Finney’s From Time to Time and listening to Mary Higgins Clark’s Just Take My Heart. I have a book translated from Japanese waiting somewhere in all my moving boxes (I really hope it didn’t get mixed in with Mt. Bookpile – it’s a library book). I have another time travel book sitting in Mt. Bookpile. I also borrowed another young adult by Jane Yolen to read. That will finish up time travel and translated books. I finished the stand alone mysteries this month.

Wish me luck…