999 Challenge


A couple months ago I posted about Becky’s Challenge blog site and all the different book reading challenges you can find there. One challenge stuck in my head and I’ve decided to follow it up with my own extra twists. (The Sardonic Girl taking on this challenge helped push me, I’ll admit.) I’m not going to officially join the 999 Challenge Group at Library Thing and I’m not going to choose my titles yet – I’ll probably do that as I go.

One major twist I’m putting on myself is that the books to read for the list have to come from Mount Bookpile – with the exception of the new books published in 2009. I haven’t bought any of those yet even though I bought 3 more books today. (Mysterious Galaxy runs a 25% off all in stock books sale on New Year’s Day.) Also, if I don’t have 9 books that meets the criteria on Mt. Bookpile (doubtful), then I can go to the library or shopping. I’ll allow myself 5 books that may cross over two lists.

Here are my categories:
1) New books published in 2009
2) Books with a place name in the title
3) Time travel books
4) Books with a facial feature in the title
5) Books originally published before 1900
6) Books with the word “heart” in the title
7) Books by an author whose last name starts with “Y”
8) Stand alone mystery novels (not part of a series)
9) Books that are translated into English from another language

Why did I choose authors beginning with “Y”? Why did I choose to have a facial feature in the title? Why the word “heart” in the title? Why not? After I chose my list I remembered we are reading Hawaii by James Michener for book club this summer – that’s one that will be ticked off the list.

I finished Somewhere in Time today by Richard Matheson. So that’s one book from that list. I think I’m going to have fun with this.

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  1. Comment by cafeshree:

    Jandys, I’m unofficially doing the 999 Challenge too! It’s a fun way of organizing reading.