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Changelings, werewolves, vampires, fae (not cute fairies, but dangerous fae) and other mythical creatures create nasty, bloody battles. Patricia Briggs revels in them in her Mercy Thompson series. It’s scenes like this, though, that keep the books from getting too dark and make the reader laugh out loud…

“…the house phone rang.

‘I’ve got it,’ called Jesse. I heard her voice as she answered the phone, but didn’t catch what Fire Touched by Patricia Briggsshe said. Then she called brightly, ‘Hey, Dad. Baba Yaga is on the phone for you.’

I followed him into the kitchen, where Jesse stood with the handset. She gave it to him. Then she looked at me and raised her eyebrows in an exaggerated fashion that made her eyes bulge, and mouthed, ‘Baba Yaga. Really?’

I nodded and mouthed, ‘Really.’

She hugged herself and, as she passed by me on her way out of the room, she whispered, ‘Now how many people have gotten to say that? “Hey, Dad. Baba Yaga is on the phone for you”?'”

From Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs