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Book Review: Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl

Posted January 29, 2015 By Jandy

Stay the Night by Lynn ViehlOver the centuries Darkyn lord Robin of Loxley has been a thief, a rogue, and a trusted friend and leader. He leads a jardin near Atlanta and has a luxury residence in the city itself. He has been a thief for hundreds of years – since his mortal life. Now he is known as the Magician. Due to his Darkyn l’attrait, he can have any woman he wants. Now he has decided he wants Chris Renshaw. Amazingly, she doesn’t seem to want him – at least not by his normal influence. She is the rare human immune to l’attrait.

Chris Renshaw is in Atlanta to catch the Magician, an art thief who has been operating for years. The FBI agent believes the man is probably in his 70s and possibly retired by now. She has arranged a special showing for an artifact she is sure the man cannot resist. Then she and her team should finally be able to catch the man responsible for her former partner’s death. She cannot let herself be sidetracked by an attractive, seductive man with a wonderful scent. She meets Rob at an Atlanta club, then walks away. His scent and feel linger and she turns to find the address he gave her before she left. Why can’t she have a fling with this man as long as he doesn’t interfere with her job?

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Book Review: Dead In the Water by Julie Smith

Posted January 4, 2015 By Jandy

Dead In the Water by Julie SmithWhen casual friend Marty Whiteheads takes Rebecca Schwartz to the Monterey Aquarium after hours, they discover a dead woman in the kelp tank. The victim was wearing Marty’s jacket and had Marty’s letter opener stabbed her. She also was the woman who was living with Marty’s ex-husband.

Rebecca becomes Marty’s lawyer and babysitter while Marty is in jail for the weekend. Keil is the son who does whatever is asked of him. Libby, his younger sister, hates everyone and always rebels. Libby’s friend, Esperanza, and Esperanza’s father, Julio Soto. Soto works at the aquarium with the two women.

Being Rebecca, she has to investigate the murder.

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