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Book Review: It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis

Posted December 28, 2014 By Jandy

It Had To Be You by Jill ShalvisAli Winters discovers her boyfriend has another woman when she hears more than she wants while at the fancy evening auction he is running for a community fund drive. She finds a note in their shared house from him. He isn’t coming back and, oh yeah, the lease is up so she needs to move out.

The house’s owner comes in to find an angry, half dressed beautiful woman yelling on her phone to voice mail. Luke Hanover is a cop from San Francisco. He has escaped to Lucky Harbor to get away from a case that went wrong and a young woman was killed. The media storm vilifies the SFPD and him in particular. He blames himself her death, so tells his boss he’s taking three weeks vacation. He wants to be alone (his best friend Jack says he wants to wallow).

Instead his life is disrupted by Ali. Read more…

Book Review: The Dark Tower

Posted December 17, 2014 By Jandy

The Dark Tower by Stephen KingThe Dark Tower by Stephen King

Dark Tower VII

Roland is certain he and his ka-tet are close to the Dark Tower. First he, Eddie, Jake, Oy, and Susannah must escape New York and Maine and find each other in a land called Fedic. From there they still have two Beams that support to Dark Tower to protect. Once those are stable, they can seek their final goal of the Tower.

Susannah splits from Mia who dies when her baby is born. The baby, Mordred, is a changeling with an intense hatred for Roland, his “white father” and longing for the mad Crimson King, his “red father”. He quickly grows strong enough to be able to follow the ka-tet to Fedic, keeping hidden behind them. Even so, both Roland and Susannah can sense he is lurking out there.

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Book Review: My Real Children

Posted December 16, 2014 By Jandy

My Real Children by Jo WaltonMark – My plans have changed, Patricia. We have to get married now or never.

Trisha – Now!

Pat – Never!

Now, sixty years later, Patricia is in an extended care home with dementia. Does she have three children or four? Did she spend her summers in Italy or was she a beaten down homemaker? Is there an international moon base studying science or a Russian one with nuclear missiles pointed at its enemies? Did she serve on city council or was she devastated when her partner was injured?

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Book Review: When’s the Doctor?

Posted December 15, 2014 By Jandy

When's the Doctor? by Jorge SantillanWhere’s Waldo? Er, um, When’s the Doctor?

This brightly illustrated book is perfect for the young Doctor Who fan – like my granddaughters. It’s also fun for us adult fans. I admit I bought the book for me. But they both like the I Spy type books and will have a great time looking for the Doctor, his companions Amy and Rory, and the TARDIS on the different pages.

Jorge Santillan drew these cheerful pages using different time periods from many of the different Doctors – including the Aztecs, ancient Egypt, Metebelis III, and the TARDIS graveyard among others. Aliens of all sorts can also be found in these drawings.

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Book Review: Hidden Impact by Charles Neff

Posted December 12, 2014 By Jandy

Hidden Impact by Charles NeffCharles Neff’s Hidden Impact originates with the frontward access of the narrator’s Atlantic Airlines flight swinging out to let soggy stickiness to seep into the compartment.

Bored, khaki clad customs officials gave the narrator’s day pack and larger bag a perfunctory glance.

Not a lot had improved during the 32 years the narrator had been away.   The Immigration officer glanced at the passport, Senor James Norberg, resident of Maine, United States.  And how long will you be staying.

Mid June in Nicaragua, and his having a 90 day tourist card Norberg knew could remain in the country until the middle of September 2004 and, NO liquor, tobacco, drugs and firearms, and the former Peace Corps worker was on his way.

Hotel del Parque, the meeting place where Norberg had stayed during Peace Corps days had survived mostly intact the 1972 earthquake.  The long day of travel from Bangor, connecting flights to Boston, Miami and Managua; Norberg was all set for a decent meal, calm late afternoon and a timely bed time before setting out for La Prada, the community where he had toiled during those Peace Corps days.

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Station Eleven by Emily St. John MandelApocalyptic and dystopic fiction has been extremely popular for the past decade or more. I enjoy the books and over the years I have read obscure, great ones (In the After), popular, good ones (The Handmaid’s Tale), okay ones (The Family Tree), and classic ones (On the Beach). Station Eleven is a lyrical apocalyptic novel.

Station Eleven is three stories – the story of a famous actor and his friends before the apocalypse, the story of a young actress twenty years after the plague that kills of 99.99% of the world’s population, and the story of a paramedic before and after the event. The book jumps back and forth between the years and the tales.

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