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Six of Swords by Carole Nelson DouglasIrissa is walking one day when she comes across an injured man wearing mail. Kendric is one of the Six of Swords, or Wrathmen, warriors who guard the Realms. But the Six have broken up. His injury was from another of the Six. Irissa is the last Seeress of the Torlocs. As they turn to her home, she watches it disappear, with her mentor leaving a message of encouragement. Kendric and Irissa begin a quest for Irissa to find a gate that will lead her though to the world where the other Torlocs are.

They first leave for the capital of the Realms, the City of Rule. The head of the council dismisses Kendric and disdains Irissa. Instead he plans to capture the floating island of Clymarind. Clymarind is the magical island where the Wrathmen are sworn into their lifetime positions. It is where magicians go to learn and increase their magical powers.

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Metatropolis: Cascadia edited by Jay LakeMetatropolis: Cascadia was written and produced as an audiobook anthology and released through Audible Books. It is the sequel to Metatropolis, the first book of stories that was written as an audiobook rather than for paper format. Edited by John Scalzi, Metatropolis focuses on stories in the near future after the United States has functionally fallen apart.

The area Jay Lake created in Metatropolis is the environmental friendly area of Cascadia in the Pacific Northwest – Oregon, Washington, and into British Columbia. Metatropolis: Cascadia focuses on that region about 30 – 40 years later. Four of the original authors return to Cascadia to enrich the possible future. Each story in the collection focused on survival after the fall of our current civilization and the Green Movement that took firm root in Cascadia. Yet technology is more sophisticated and abundant.

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