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The Book of Life by Deborah HarknessWow… Just – wow…

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Book Review: Coldblooded by Helen Cothran

Posted August 17, 2014 By Jandy

Coldblooded by Helen CothranThings are not going well for Sam Larkin. Her publisher has let her go so she has no income. He is tired of her not meeting deadlines for the educational books she writes. Her brother is still living with and mooching off of her. His only job is a small landscaping job for their sister. Her best friend Eddie is avoiding her. She sees him in groups, but they don’t share the relationship they had before his ex-girlfriend visited Desert Rock.

Then there is Vanessa, her “perfect” sister.Except something is wrong with Vanessa. A neighbor gossips to Sam that Vanessa was seen at a bar with a man – not her husband. When this same man, herpetologist Ben Delacroix, is found dead, Vanessa is a suspect in his murder. Vanessa asks Sam to investigate and find out who killed Ben. Despite appearances, Vanessa is adamant that she is NOT the person who hit him over the head, then tried to make it look like a rattlesnake bit him.

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