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Book Review – Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Posted April 29, 2014 By Jandy

Is this first book of a new trilogy the next Hunger Games on a larger scale?

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

New Book Reviews

Posted April 20, 2014 By Jandy

Well, I’ve been busy reading but not blogging…

Here are my latest reviews:

Disenchanted & Co. by Lynn ViehlDisenchanted & Co. by Lynn Viehl


The Book Stops Here by Ian SansomThe Book Stops Here by Ian Sansom


Takedown Twenty by Janet EvanovichTakedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich


The Trial by Franz KafkaThe Trial by Franz Kafka


What do these people have in common? They’re all authors who will be at the L.A. Times Festival of Books at University of Southern California. It’s going on today and tomorrow and is free to attend. Parking is $10 a day. All the panels are free, but tickets are required for all the indoor events. Tickets are available online the week before (with a $1 each handling fee) and the big panels sell out. Then all you can do is go to the stand by line and hope someone doesn’t show up.

The stand by line doesn’t always work, but there are times… Last year we were able to see Margaret Atwood even though the tickets had sold out before I got to order online. If you haven’t heard Ms. Atwood speak, do so if you get the chance.

redshirtsMy older daughter and I are going again this year. It’s her chance to escape from my adorable granddaughters for a couple days. As a work at home mom, she needs these breaks. It’s fun for us, too. We have tickets to see John Scalzi in a one on one conversation, and to see Deborah Harkness and Marissa Meyer in different panels. There are others we may drop in on, including a visit or two to the Children’s Stage. We often end up in a place we don’t expect and learn something totally different and new for us.

We spend our weekend immersed in a crowd of bibliophiles. I wonder what gems we’ll pick up this year?

Book Review – A Good Year by Peter Mayle

Posted April 11, 2014 By Jandy

A Good Year by Peter MayleA Good Year by Peter Mayle

A Quiet (Not So Little) Site

Posted April 4, 2014 By Jandy

Jandy’s Reading Room will be 16 years old  in a couple months. It’s still my hobby – not an commercial site despite links to Amazon and Better World Books. I am a big supporter of my local independent bookstore (hurray for Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego) and as a librarian, I will always tell you to check your local library. The site is not a huge presence on the Web despite its size – over 2,500 pages. There’s been a lot of reviews over the years.

Despite the lack of advertising or sharing links with other bloggers, a few people find their way to my site each day. I frequently am surprised by the sites linking to mine.

alphabet 2014 500Yesterday was one of my surprise days. Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book is a busy site. Dollycas has contests, follows challenges, features book tours, and more. She just put up an Alphabet Challenge for 2014. People accepting the challenge must read 26 books where the title starts with a different letter of the alphabet. In her explanation, she adds this:

“Need some help finding titles to match the alphabet – Jandy’s Reading Room has a wonderful list to get you started. X and Z were the toughest for me so this year I am going to try to take care of those two early.”

Wow! Thanks for the complement Dollycas. I think the title pages are helpful. I see I’m not alone.

If you’re in the mood for a different reading challenge, check out Dollycas’ blog.


Dream London by Tony BallantyneDream London by Tony Ballantyne


Hot On Her Heels by Susan Mallery


Hot On Her Heels by Susan Mallery