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Librarians Unite

Posted December 30, 2012 By Jandy

Hurray for Jasper Fforde. In his latest Thursday Next novel, The Woman Who Died a Lot, Thursday has to give a pep talk

“to the many frustrated citizens who weren’t selected last year to train as librarians and will have to console themselves with mundane careers as doctors, lawyers, and lion tamers.”

Word Pictures

Posted December 25, 2012 By Jandy

“…is ten acres of open grounds with about two acres of humiliated grass smeared thinly over it…”The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye

From The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye

That phrase evokes a vivid picture in my head.


So Little Time…

Posted December 20, 2012 By Jandy
One of my favorite sayings is “So many books, so little time”. Mt. Bookpile grows each year despite my reading list. I’ve taken 64 books off this year that I picked up in 2011 or earlier. (No, they’re not all listed on the left – only the ones I’ve reviewed at my web site are showing.) Plus there have been another 20 or so I’ve bought this year that I’ve read.

But I know I picked up at least as many as I’ve read. And now the world is supposed to end tomorrow. Since I’m in California, that actually means it should have already ended in Australia, Asia, and Europe. If the world is ending, how am I ever going to catch up? How will Jim Butcher finish the Dresden File series? How will Carole Nelson Douglas finish the Midnight Louis series?

OK, since the rest of the world is still here, I guess I can relax. I’ll go back to reading one of the books I recently bought, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

And yes, the cover really does glow in the dark…

Killin’ time being lazy: Giving to yourself

Posted December 3, 2012 By Jandy

Killin’ time being lazy: Giving to yourself

“My friend Irene found this on Facebook and I just had to share:

This January, why not start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then, on New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. 

What a wonderful gift to yourself or to do as a family! (and if you know someone who needs a little love, consider KindNotes – or make your own”

Nice idea, LazyGal, thanks for passing this on