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Hugo Awards for 2011

Posted August 22, 2011 By Jandy

It’s a rare year when I’ve read the Hugo Award best novel before the award is won. But that’s the case this year. Connie Willis’ Black Out/All Clear combo took the best novel prize.

Check the Hugo Award Site for the complete list.

For those few of you who link to my blog, I know it’s quieter than usual. That’s because I’m still hacking away at my web site conversion. More of my reading has been audiobooks these days because I can copy and paste while listening to a book but not while holding one. I think I’m about a quarter of the way through. I like the new look. I hope others agree, but we’ll see.

Book Addiction

Posted August 3, 2011 By Jandy

This is from Tempest-Tost by Robertson Davies:

“…that lust for books which rages in the breast like a demon, and which cannot be stilled save by the frequent and plentiful acquisition of books…Book lovers are thought by unbookish people to be gentle and unworldly, and perhaps a few of them are so. But there are others who will lie and scheme and steal to get books…as the dope-taker in pursuit of his drug. They may not want the books to read immediately, or at all; they want them to possess, to range on their shelves, to have at command. They want books as a Turk is thought to want concubines – not to be hastily deflowered, but to be kept at their master’s call, and enjoyed more often in thought than in reality.”

Hmm, Davies described me before I was born.